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Technological and Industrial Systems

C.E.I. S.r.l. is specialised in the study, design, manufacturing, installation, start-up, test and maintenance of special systems and machines, built primarily for the metal industry. It owns several patents for industrial inventions and technological innovations. We provide a qualified service to meet the specific requirements of our customers, designing and realising tailor-made plants and equipments. We design and provide services for non-ferrous metal extrusion and drawing plants. We are specialists in the sector of metal sorting and separation, for which we also realise shredding plants to reduce the size of the product, and screening lines to sort the metal scrap. We are specialised in the realisation of drying systems for the metal industry, where we have a 20-year-old success story.

Company mission

The main focus of C.E.I S.r.l is to guarantee: quality, reliability, short delivery time, together with an effective consulting. A careful production planning provides enough flexibility to produce special components. To guarantee the achievement of such objectives, an efficient operative structure has been appositely set up. This structure constantly follows the most modern and innovative trends in terms of production and organisation. The on-site test is an important step, which proves the quality of our products and the commitment we put into our work.
Impianti Tecnologici e Industriali

To meet your needs

C.E.I. was born in 2005 from the union of a few entrepreneurs, who decided to capitalise their experience to meet the needs of the local metal industry.
Impianti Tecnologici e Industriali

Industrial plants at the service of metal refining

Over the last 20 years, we have designed and realised a great deal of systems for metal handling and treatment in the metallurgical industries.

Know How - The right partner to innovate

The high quality standard of the whole manufacturing process is guaranteed by a qualified technical department, equipped with state-of-the-art design technology. The manufacturing departments count on specialised personnel and reliable equipments and machines.

Our plants


Metallic scrap treatment


Billet removal

Impianti Tecnologici e Industriali

Roller way with strapping machine

Impianti Tecnologici e Industriali

Revamped plant

Some examples of our professionalism