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Dimensional control and defective product management

In-line bar control system

We design non-destructive testing systems for extruded and drawn bars, in order to detect cracks, stains, pressure marks and extrusion residue. The same system can be provided together with an optical straightness control system. The system is modular and made of 5 to 10 linear devices, depending on the dimensions and the shape of the bar. Otherwise, upon request, these devices can be replaced by special cameras which control the ovality. The resolution is centesimal and enables to detect imperfections up to 0,05 mm while the bar is moving at a maximum speed of 100 m/min.

controllo delle barre

In-line defective bar removal system

After the control system, a continuous removal system of defective products could be necessary. We design in-line removal systems which are easily integrable with the most common handling systems, for example beneath a handling catenary or beside a roller conveyor.