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Packaging and handling

Special packaging machines

Generally, after the drawing and straightening process, the finished material is cut into standard pieces and sent to the packaging unit. The critical parameters to bear in mind while designing packaging and stacking systems are the length and the section of the product. For this purpose, C.E.I. offers stacking systems for flat material, installed directly on the drawing and straightening systems, which automatically detect the dimensions of the product. The packaging units for flat products are designed directly by C.E.I., in order to package the material into packs or bundles, depending on the specific needs. We also provide stacking and packaging systems for profiles and bars. All the parts of the system in contact with the product are coated with specific materials which do not ruin the delicate surfaces of the bars. Our packaging systems can be provided in many different layouts. Upon request, they can be accompanied by weighing platforms, as well as binding, strapping and labelling machines.

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Automatic bundle warehouses

The bar bundles produced by the packaging systems are usually stored on the ground, racks or cantilevers. C.E.I. can provide its most demanding customers with an automated warehouse, together with an efficient bundle handling system, which safely stores and collects the bundles. The warehouse is controlled by a fully-automated management system. The customer can manage the warehouse at any time, because the management system is always online. Our system technicians can connect it to the customer’s ERP.

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Bar cutting-to-length station

C.E.I. offers different band and circular saws, together with special clamps to hold the bar. Our systems are specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirements and we adjust it depending on the geometry and the linear weight of the bar to be cut. The measurement of the piece to be cut is carried out with electronic systems equipped with lasers. Upon request, we can also supply more traditional and less expensive measurement systems, which consist in an electronically-controlled translational latch, placed with a ball screw system.

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