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Feeding systems for bar drawing

We provide upstream services for drawing from loading platforms.

Trafila da Barre

Feeding systems for wire-drawing

We provide upstream services for drawing from unwinder reels.

Devolgitore per matasse

Platforms for bar storage and loading.

We provide storage and loading platforms, as well as handling catenaries to feed thread rolling, straightening and non-destructive testing systems.

Digital-measuring flying saws for bar cutting

Fly-cutting systems are integrated in many continuous manufacturing processes. Flying saws are safe, affordable and their cutting results are excellent. The reliable tightening guarantees a clean and accurate cut. The cut is realised at regular speed, which makes it affordable. During the extrusion process, fly-cutting the bar enables to use a longer billet, even when the extruded profile would normally be too long for the handling system. If the customer aims at producing high-quality drawn products, in terms of dimensional tolerances, the drawing process must be fed with straight bars instead of coils. In these cases, it is even more necessary to fly-cut the extruded bar. C.E.I. has designed various cutting systems and can provide the best solution depending on the product. Our flying shears help to increase extrusion productivity, even with thin-section profiles.